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Anglo-Irish Treaty Negotiations 1921

17th October – 6th December 1921

The issues central to the controversy of the negotiations, both personal and political, can be listed as follows:

  • Choice of Delegates
  • Powers of the Sinn Fein Plenipotentiaries
  • ‘External Association’ v. ‘Dominion Status’
  • Partition
  • Role of Dail Eireann

Anglo-Irish Treaty PowerPoint: [gview file=”http://www.historyvault.ie/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Anglo-–-Irish-Treaty-2014.ppt”]


With the offer of a truce & negotiations accepted by Sinn Féin & Dáil Eireann, an official ceasefire began on 11th of July 1921. Now both Dáil Eireann & the British Government began preparations for the negotiations to settle the conflict.


Issues of Contention:

1. Sovereignty – Sinn Féin wanted complete independence, but deValera had already recognised how this would be politically impossible for Britain and had therefore developed the concept of ‘External Association’.

2. Partition – As the Government of Ireland Act (1920) had already established the Northern Ireland State, this issue would be ‘off the table’ as far as the British Government was concerned.

3. Allegiance – Whatever the degree of separation that came about by the end of the Treaty negotiations, Britain was determined that Ireland remain within the sphere of British influence & the British Commonwealth.


Delegations for Negotiation

17th October – 6th December 1921

Sinn Féin Delegation ————————————- British Delegation

Arthur Griffith                                                   Lloyd George

Michael Collins                                                 Winston Churchill

Robert Barton                                                   Austen Chamberlain

Erskine Childers                                                Lord Birkenhead

Issues & Path of Negotiations

‘Draft Treaty A’

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