"History is past politics, and politics present history." John Robert Seeley

"The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see." Winston Churchill

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing." Aristotle


Multiple Meanings Quiz

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Q. 1 – 10




  • John had to _____ innocent when he was caught with the stolen bike.
  • The second _____ of the play was almost two hours long!
  • Our teacher told us to ____ our age when we were messing in class.


Q. 2.

  • I got a _____ from a friend yesterday who wanted to meet up while he was in town.
  • I had a really close ______ when I narrowly missed crashing into another car.
  • I asked the receptionist at the hotel to give me a wake-up ______ at 6 a.m.


Q. 3.

  • I had to score 40% to _______ the exam
  • In order to go backstage after the concert, I needed a special _____.
  • The car behind us almost crashed in an attempt to _____ our car.


Q. 4.

  • The game ended in a 0 – 0 _____.
  • It is important not to ____ conclusions too early when getting to know someone.
  • As an architect, I have to _______ sketches of my designs on a regular basis.


Q. 5.

  • It was _______ to me that I had no other choice.
  • On a _______ day, one can see as far as the coast.
  • I had to _______ away all my work from the table before our guests arrived.


Q. 6.

  • The _____ point of his argument was the lack of investment in solar power.
  • I couldn’t find the ______ to open the door.
  • It took me a long time to ______ in the ten-digit password.


Q. 7.

  • I ________ about two hours of television every day.
  • My _______ had stopped, so I couldn’t tell the time.
  • I had to keep a close ________ on the puppies in the first few weeks in case they died.


Q. 8.

  • The _____ for using the pay phone was really high.
  • When the bull was released, it would ________ at the people in the streets.
  • The electrical ________ in the power line was really high and very dangerous to humans.


Q. 9.

  • I swung ________ quickly to face the person shouting behind me.
  • The plane circled _________ overhead until it was given permission to land.
  • When you get the exact measurement, _______ it off to the nearest whole number.


Q. 10.

  • Long hair is difficult to maintain; you have to _______ it twice a day.
  • I have to _______ up on my French if I am to get a job in Marseille.
  • I need to sweep the floor with a _______ as the vacuum cleaner is not working.




Q. 11 – 20

face – mark – shape – cross – back – foot – head – top – fool – cool

Q. 21 – 30

pound – change – line – toast – figure – shift – pen – bank – brand – jam



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