"History is past politics, and politics present history." John Robert Seeley

"The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see." Winston Churchill

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing." Aristotle


Funny, Strange & Ridiculous

The war between Britain & Zanzibar in 1896 lasted only 40 minutes approxiamately………….







The average lifespan for a medieval peasant was just 25 years.





In the 1930’s, American track star  Jesse Owens used to race against       horses and dogs to earn a living.






In 1980, the city of Detroit, USA, presented Saddam Hussein with a key to the city.








A baboon called Jackie became a private in the South African army in World War I.














George W. Bush was also the head of the cheerleading team in his high school.


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