"History is past politics, and politics present history." John Robert Seeley

"The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see." Winston Churchill

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing." Aristotle


Junior Cert Exam Guidelines (O)


Time: 1.5 Hours

Total Marks: 180

Sections: 4

(1) Pictures (35 marks)

This section contains 3 Pictures/ Photographs on which you must answer all questions.


(2) Documents (35 marks)

This section contains 2 Documents on which you must answer all questions.


(3) Short Questions (60 marks)

This section contains 20 Short Questions of which you must answer 10 correctly.


(4) People in History (50 marks)

This section contains 2 (A & B) sub-sections of which you must answer 1 in each sub-section i.e. One from A & One from B.


Exam Guidelines:

Answer Sections 1, 2 & 3 in the Exam Booklet.

Answer Section 4 in separate Exam Answer Booklet.


Time Allocation:

Section (1) Pictures = 15 – 20 minutes

Section (2) Documents = 15 – 20 minutes

Section (3) Short Questions = 15 – 20 minutes

Section (4) People in History =  25 – 30 minutes


*N.B. If the maximum amount of suggested time per section is taken as above, this will leave no time for editing and/or supplementing your answers in previous sections at the end of the exam. Be aware of time constraints and DO NOT leave any question/ section unanswered.

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