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The Anglo-Irish Treaty 1921

The negotiations between the British Government and the Sinn Féin delegation took place between

11th October – 6th December 1921.


The Sinn Féin delegation:                                                 The British delegation:

  • Arthur Griffith                                                                 David Lloyd George
  • Michael Collins                                                               Austen Chamberlain
  • Robert Barton                                                                 Lord Birkenhead
  • George Gavin Duffy                                                         Winston Churchill
  • Eamon Duggan                                                                 Hamar Greenwood


Issues that divided the delegations:

  • Sovereignty: Sinn Féin wanted a Republic, but Britain would not allow that as it would send the wrong signal to all its other colonies. Also, the British wanted to protect Northern Ireland and the Unionists within the UK.
  • Partition:
  • Allegiance:

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