"History is past politics, and politics present history." John Robert Seeley

"The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see." Winston Churchill

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing." Aristotle


Writing Informal Letters



  • enquire/ ask about them
  • describe how long it has been since you spoke/ saw each other
  • introduce a little anecdote!


Describing Experiences

  • Remember when…..
  • You won’t believe what happened to me yesterday.
  • Wait until I tell you what happened to me last week.
  • I can’t believe it!
  • let me tell you a little about…….


Answering Questions

  • As you asked, let me tell you a little about…….
  • To answer your question, I’d have to say …….
  • Leave it with me for now and I will get back to you (with an answer)


Affirmative Statements

  • Don’t worry about……
  • Rest assured it will be just fine.
  • There’s no need to worry about that.
  • I can assure you it will be fine.
  • Let me tell you, it will be just fine.
  • I can say for sure that….


Closing Remarks

  • I will see you again soon
  • Hope to talk to you again very soon
  • I’ll be in touch again very soon about…..



Last summer, you went on an English course at a language school in Ireland. Your friend Paul, has written to you asking about it. Using the information below appropriately, write a letter to Paul describing your time in Ireland,saying whether or not you would recommend it. Support your opinions with reasons and experiences which you had in Ireland.

English Language Course in Ireland

10th July – Friendly & approachable students/ pleasant surroundings/ wide range of shops & stores
13th July – Useful Conversation classes/ tedious grammar classes/ interesting games
20th July – Visit to Cliffs of Moher/ dangerous/ exciting/ landscape/ tourists/ small country roads
25th July – Trip to Dublin/ Stadia/ Museums/ Shopping Centres & Restaurants/ Crowds/ GAA match

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